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Oct 29, 2020

Triple bar Nuclear Leadership training

Peers commit to nuclear training

Peers showed its commitment to continuous improvement in the Nuclear Sector by sending 17 of its key management staff on the intensive Triple Bar Nuclear Leadership Training course. The full day event delivered by NSAN included pre and post course work including several critical Nuclear safety scenarios. One part of the course saw the team split into two groups to build meccano trucks with limited tools and lots of fraudulent components thrown in the kit to make things a bit more challenging. Tensions and competitive spirits were high and the group left the course feeling enlightened and better placed to work in the nuclear sector.

The course facilitator Peter Doyle said:-

"Overall I must state that in the seven years I have been delivering training and consultancy support to the nuclear supply chain, this was the most balanced and pleasurable group that I have delivered training to. Ray was of the same opinion and we both enjoyed facilitating the day".

Peers are pleased to announce that all 17 members successfully completed the course and gained the certification.

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