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Severstor Modular Housing Support,
North of England

Harry Peers Severstor modular housing

Harry Peers (Peers) were appointed to build a number of support frames and access platforms for sub-station modular housings as part of the Electrical Distribution and Network Upgrade Programme (EDNUP) on a nuclear site in the north of England.

Peers were brought on board to manage the entire design, manufacture, and installation of both the modular support structures and the access platforms for all four sub-station modules. Our engineering team had to work closely with our client and the Infrastructure Strategic Alliance (ISA) to develop the support and access locations in order to meet the site requirements.

North of England
Arup as Infrastructure Strategic Alliance (ISA)
Arup as Infrastructure Strategic Alliance (ISA)
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Once the fabrication and quality checks of the support and access steel were completed at our Bolton facility they were transported to and installation on site, a few weeks in advance of the module’s arrival.

The modular housings placed onto the support frames were Severstor units, which are essentially robust steel-framed units that are designed to protect critical systems equipment and are one of the products that come under the Severfield (Products & Processing) business.

Due to the site road network being restricted in places, we worked with the Severstor team in conjunction with WS Transportation to conduct a trial run of the route using a mock-up of one of the modules. This enabled our drivers, banksmen, and escort vehicles to become familiar with the planned route and identify any obstructive street furniture which could be removed prior to the module’s actual delivery date.

Following our meticulous planning and preparation, the Severstor units were delivered safely and were successfully installed using a 750t crane over one weekend; this minimised disruption to the surrounding plants and allowed work to commence on the electrical hook up the following Monday.

You can find out more about the Severstor modular housing units on the Severfield website here.