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Harry Peers manufacturing

Through decades of delivering our core skills and building on our vast experience, Peers has developed in becoming the leader in the provision of both technical and fabrication services for some of the most demanding of sectors.

Here at Peers we are committed to collaborating with our clients and key stakeholders in order to deliver their project requirements.

We specialise in the nuclear, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, energy, water and defence markets and our capabilities mean we can provide specialist design, manufacture, and construction of structural steelwork to meet the highest of standards.

Our sectors

We work within some of the most demanding of sectors.

We've had the opportunity to work on many essential projects within sectors such as nuclear, power and energy and defence. In order to work within these markets, we must adhere to and meet numerous requirements - something we pride ourselves on.

Harry Peers Sectors

We are committed to meeting the strict high quality and safety standard requirements within the nuclear sector and continually building on our track record and experience on nuclear projects in order to secure repeat work in this sector.

Power and energy
Power and energy

We have been instrumental in assisting our clients to reduce both working at height and programme durations on their projects by designing and developing numerous modular solutions - including our largest single lift to date of over 210 tonnes.

Process industry
Process industry

Our team have extensive experience in the design, manufacture, and erection of new plants, and refurbishment and extensions of existing plants.


We have worked closely with our clients to offer off-site modular solutions where possible, this helps reduce the number of people working on secure establishments for long durations, providing our client with significant savings on both programme and cost.


We have provided our clients with design assistance, manufacture, and erection of new water treatment facilities. and have helped to develop modular solutions to ensure the buildings on some of the tightest footprint sites, which form part of a new 25kw sewer network in London, can be erected safely.

Our projects

We're pleased to be able to share some of the projects we have had the privilege to collaborate on.

Every single one of our projects receives the same high level of customer service from our project management team - something we are dedicated to, particularly when working on projects that are highly confidential.

Happy Peers Projects


Find out more about our work, our people and the projects we’re working on right now.

Harry Peers News

March 23, 2022

SIXEP Continuity Plant

The SIXEP Continuity Plant (SCP) is being built alongside Sellafield’s Site Ion Exchange Effluent Plant, or SIXEP.

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